Thursday, February 20, 2014


NO! It is powerful word. Yes, is equally as powerful. Both hold an answer, it may be positive, or it may be negative. "NO, you can't play in the street", is positive although the word "no" itself is a negative. "YES, you look horrible in that dress", a negative affirmed with a positive. 

There are over 14,000 children in the state of Arizona who are desperately looking for homes. There are 153 million orphans world wide. The bible mandates we care for orphans and widows.

Church statistic : 20% of the people do 80% of the work. You who serve every Sunday know this well. We know that few show up to do the work. Orphan care is not much different. If only 7% the church (the people) stepped up to follow the biblical mandate to care for orphans there would be NO orphans world wide.

Today I said NO. I think I have recanted that statement a thousand times in the past 5 hours. NO...I will not take a 6 year old who is need of a home. NO. My heart broke as I heard the story of this little broken, abused, girl in need of someone to say YES to her. YES, I will love you. YES, I will treat you like you make a difference. YES I will follow this mandate. YES. NO, I won't let one more child sit in a crisis center, YES I will do it! But I said NO....NO.

I know you dear friends. You are probably thinking, 'Drea, you always say YES. There has to come a time where you say NO. It is okay. You can't save the world." You are right. I, we can't always say YES. I couldn't say YES. My house is full. I had to say NO.

Here is the real question....Can you say YES?

Somewhere tonight there is a 6 year old girl, scared, frightened, alone. Her family said NO, she isn't worth it. Foster family said NO, we just can't handle it. This mama said NO, I have so many. Who will say YES? YES, I will deny myself. YES, I will care for these fatherless. NO, I will not put it off for one more minute. YES...YES...YES, she is worth it. YES, they are worth it. YES, I was worth it!

Only 7% of the church. NO more orphans. Will you say YES?

contact me if you would like to pursue saying YES to one of the least of these


Anonymous said...

Well-said - and a beautiful blogspot reminding all of us to live self-lessly.
We adopted five Korean orphans and know what it is to be gifted with such precious lives.


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