Saturday, October 25, 2008

Never A Dull Moment

"The next birth will be normal", are words that still ring clear, but something that I have yet to experience! I am loving midwifery, especially the people I get to learn from. After a long evening as we sat in the OB ward of the hospital with an, "we made it" grin on my face, I asked my teacher midwife Carol, if we were setting a trend of abnormal births? The last two times we discussed together, that the next time would be normal, only to find out, not so much. Carol answered, "We are training you for the hard stuff"!

The evening started well, and ended well, it was the in-between that was an adventure. After a couple of hours of home labor, our client's baby's heart rate was really decelerating. Again, Carol (and her daughter) had completely unreadable faces on. Again, I watched and wondered if what I was hearing was right! Staring at Mary staring at the Carol, waiting to see what she would call...."Transport"!! We were on the move. After a few minutes of doodling, Carol said sternly "We have to go NOW"! We were on the way to the hospital! We decided that I would drive, my car was big. Mom, Dad, Carol and I were in, and Carol said (in that voice) "Floor It", I knew that she was serious, so I did.

Now I won't lie, I was nervous. I could hear in Carol's voice, that she was concerned so off we went. I prayed almost all the way, for mom and us as we flew down the streets, and got on the highway and flew down that too. We were almost going too fast to notice the big bright FLASH on the side of the highway, but I did. 95 mph, in a 65 mph zone YIKES!!

We arrived safely and after several hours, mom delivered a little baby boy!!

Now the real amazing thing is that by Gods grace I get to participate in the lives of my sweet midwife and her clients. I love this. I love that the Lord has allowed Carol and Mary this calm disposition (one that I will pray that I adopt). I love that they are humble and respectful of all around them. I love that we are able to be involved with one of the biggest miracles, life. I love that God is always in control, and empowers us through His Spirit, to have wisdom to make quick and futile decisions. I love that we are the vehicles He chooses to demonstrate His unchanging, perfect love to others. He gives us opportunities to pray and see first hand how He will intervene.

Thank you Sweet Jesus, for the miracle of life. Thank you for my teachers Carol and Mary. I love that you are faithful and consistent, even we are not. Thank you for this opportunity to learn about something that you so intricately designed. You are an amazing God, and deserve all the glory and praise for last night, nothing we did counts, ONLY you can save. I love you Jesus!!

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