Saturday, June 15, 2013


Tomorrow is Fathers Day. Some of us may give deep thought about this special day, some may see it as just another day to celebrate and another gift to buy. However for me, this year, I have been challenged into deeper thought of this special day and what it means to me to celebrate Father's Day. 

For years it was just my mom and I. Because my dad was not around frequently, my mom filled the role of mother and father. At some point I made her Father's Day cards, because I had no one else to give them too and she was both to me. I resolved that to be okay. It wasn't. My daddy was important to me and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't fill that role. 

Roger came into my life, when I was eleven.  my bio dad started to come more frequently also. They both did their very best to love me and raise me. In many ways I am the woman I am today because of my dads. I love them dearly and wouldn't change a thing or trade them for the world. I miss my daddy Richard, beyond words. He was a kind, tender hearted man. He loved hunting, fishing and the great out doors. He loved me. He always told me so. He called me Monkey, that was my special name. Roger taught me so much and still does. He taught me how to be witty, laugh and to care for the people around me. He is my dad just like Richard was and is invaluable in my life. 

Today I want to share about 2 other men in my life that taught me about true Fatherly love. (Scroll down)

Roger my loving father who raised me from 11years old and on. 

Richard, my loving dad who gave me life, with Jesus now. 

Bryan, the love of my life who showed how a daddy should love. 

When children are young, if they have parents that they care for and respect, they want to be just like their daddy's. I remember my dad and how I tried to be brave and strong like him. I tried to mimic him and what he did. I was my dads shadow as a young child. He was a promise of safety, a rock. 

Some times things go wrong and we do not have the healthy foundations of what a father could bring to a child's life. We are left broken and scared. 

Our Heavenly Father wants to show us what perfect love from a Father looks like. How he can love unconditionally and without blemish. He wants to teach us, guide us and make us more and more like him. He wants to teach boys how to be great, remarkable daddy's like He is. 

In the same way we mimic our earthly father's sometimes good and even sometimes bad. Our Heavenly Father wants us and dads to mimic Him. Always good, alway loving, always teaching, always guiding, always honoring. He wants daddy's to make a difference in their children's lives. Our Heavenly Father is even a "Father to the Fartherless." 

This brings me to the other man in my life who has demonstrated such love to me. My husband, Bryan. Of course he is not perfect as Jesus is, but he strives to be. He has had great representation in his earthly father, and loves His Heavenly Father. Therefore he wants to mimic exactly what he has learned. 

Today I honor the Father's in my life. I honor my Heavenly Father, my two earthly fathers, and I honor my husband who has shown me in the physical sense what a father should really look like. 

 Bryan Thiele, I can say from the bottom of my heart you have taught me more than any other human, what a Godly, loving father should look like. You have taken the initiative to 
follow your Heavenly Father and to be holy as He is holy. What is more, you have followed in His footsteps and are a father to the fatherless. There is no man on earth I have more respect for, more love or more gratitude for, than you. I pray our boys and girls follow closely in their fathers and Fathers footsteps. I love you.

For all the Fathers in my life, I am truly grateful. 

Happy Father's Day! 

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