Monday, March 30, 2009


We are HOME!! It is great to be home! Being away really reminds me of the things I have and do not need, but the comfortability of them are what I missed, like a toilet that I can sit on, although, I have decided that I could live without them, and gladly would for Jesus.

My heart breaks for the people we left, knowing that there is no one representing Jesus to them. Sure in the city there people to share the Light but in the country side they are alone. I feel like I have so..much to say, but am so overwhelmed to say it all in one blog. I will plan to break it up over the next few days.

We would like to have an open house for those who live near, so we can update you properly, we will keep you posted as to when and where.

The one thing that I do want to share with you right now is close to my heart, and in fact is right in my home, my daughter.

Over the past few months you have read and read all of the updates and things that go on in the lives of the T's. Sometimes it crazy and sometimes we can slow down and breathe. The last two weeks, I have missed my kids like crazy. While out of town, we learned that our home study was approved and that our paper work is ready as soon as our dossier is prepared. That is huge news. This means that our children could be coming fast!! I have been reminded that when God give us a vision to do something, He intends to finish it out. I don't know why I need to be reminded, but I guess I am remedial.

Yesterday, I spoke with our daughter from Russia and caught up on the last two weeks that I missed while we were gone. I found out the Lord really spoke to her in an amazing way, I am sure that you will agree.

A few of my friends and my children attended a concert while we were out of the county. While at the concert my daughter got caught up in some pretty big emotions. She tried her best to describe them to me, this is what she said. During the concert, she was reminded that her sister and best friend were really important to her. She remembered the first day she was asked to stay the night with our family (before she was adopted, the first night we met her) and said that it was the best day of her life. She had never stayed the night at a friends house before, and she was so excited. At first she was imaging her life without C~2 and it brought her sadness. Then the Lord reminded her how He had orchestrated (my word) all of this in her life. In Russia her life was harder, if it were not for God telling Miss Kim (her first adoptive mom) to go to Russia and bring her to the US, then she would not have met C~2. If it were not for C~2 inviting her to stay the night at our home, then she would have missed out on this family. Now that she looks back, and sees how the Lord brought her to this family, she is so excited. She thought she would never be adopted because she was too old, so she resolved to being an orphan for the rest of her life. She said that she loves being here, and she is so grateful for every thing God did to get her to a family that loves her and that she loves. She is so grateful to be here, even though it was a long hard road it was worth it. Once she realized how blessed she was and how God loves her enough to bring her to this family, she was in tears. God really has worked in the life of my sweet C~5, He has shown her His unconditional love.

At the end of our talk, she said that she had a hard time (because of the language gap) communicating these things and wish that she could do better. I assured her that she did a fine job. I can't tell you how that makes my heart sing. Better than that, I wonder what Jesus heart is doing right about now!!

I am reminded again, that the Lord intends to bring these children all the way around the world right into the home that he has hand picked to help bring healing, stability, and love to them.

Below are some thoughts of a dear lady, Katie who spends her life in Uganda loving on orphans, I added it not to guilt anyone into giving, but because they are profound and they are true.

"Each person who calls themselves a follower of Christ takes up the responsibility to love and care for the fatherless. It is not some special, specific calling. It is the duty of all who call themselves Christians. There are ONE HUNDRED FORTY SOMETHING MILLION fatherless, motherless, parentless children who are not shown unconditional love by another human being on a daily basis. How will we then tell them that Jesus loves them? I am certain that God did not mess up and create too many children and not enough people to love them. The body of Christ is responsible for sharing His love with the people that we are also responsible for making destitute. Please join my broken heart in praying for the fatherless, but more than that please pray about how YOU can be instrumental in loving the fatherless. They are not just in Africa, they are right in your own community."

My sisters and brothers in Christ, we are half way there to reaching our goal, we need $18,000.00 more, to bring these sweet children home. They are fatherless, they are unloved, they are alone, they need a mommy and a daddy, they need Jesus. This goal is completely reachable together. God intends to bring these kids home, I don't doubt that, I am just wondering who is going to allow Him to use them!! Imagine the possibilities!

I love you dear friends.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Big Tourist Town Inbetween

Local Craftsman

Street, leading to a Mosque

The STEEP stairs leading to our room at the hotel

The elaborate ceiling

A town on the ride to the Sea

A Laaaambjam

Hallway leading to our room

Courtyard of hotel

Neighborhood homes

We stopped in this town on the way home to the Sea side. We stayed in a place where caravaners would stay when traveling the Silk Road. It was a sight to see, as well as everything else in the town.

Both Bry and I felt a heavy oppression while in this place. We were reminded of eph.6:10- We both prayed seperatly not knowing that we both felt a demonic presence. We talked about it this morning and realized the same thing, we need to make eachother aware next time and pray together. This is a battle after all and the evil one knows what we are doing. We are thankful for Gods protection and have learned a much needed lesson.
Today we will spend by the Sea side, going to bizarres and visiting with local people. We are both looking forward to seeing you all when we get home.
To all the little C's..we miss you so.... much, sorry our connections are cut short only 2 more days we will be together. We LOVE you all. Can't wait to catch up.
The T's

More Pics again!

The Family that hosted us for dinner, possibly the man of peace for future harvesters Lk.10

His yard from the top porch

Their house

In the front of their home

Sweet faces

New friends

Sweet lady, she liked to love on me

Enjoying the dance

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing

Mother and Daughter

In Lk. 10: The Lord sends out His disiples and tells them to go into the cities that he appoints. He tells them to go ahead of Him, and then He will follow.
We would be foolish to believe that we are bringing Jesus to the people, He is already there, we are joining Him. We need to listen to where He wants us to go because He has every intention of meeting us there. This is not of our own efforts, but the effort of the One who has sent us.

More Pics

Bryan getting his grove on

Still groovin

The National Soup

The Best Day!!!

Bryan's Long Lost Uncle! haha. (Gov. Official who had alot to say)

Enjoying national A-people meal


Center of town with water system

Our American Friends

Yesterday (Monday) was the best day ever!! We hit the gold mine of the people we came here to get to know. By Gods grace, I wrote you and told you that we met some Americans. They told us about a village about 25 min. from where we were that is an “A” village (A is the people we hoped to find.) Yesterday they were holding a big celebration, so we ventured out by taxi in hopes of …???

Once we were there we came in contact with another Peac* Corp. lady Amy. She and another volunteer had lunch with us and were kind enough to answer all of our questions the best she knew how. She has only been in this village for 3 months, but knows enough of the language to get around. While up in the mountains we have not had a translator, but again with Gods grace, we have been able to communicate one way or another. To hear someone speak English was a strange sound. We have also learned several phrases and key words to communicate.

In the village the people speak two languages, most only speak their heart language, but some learned people speak their heart language and the trade language. So, it would be important to learn the heart language if one were to live here, although you would have to start with the trade language, for when you left the village, because it is not remotely close with the other, ( just a side note).

Amy asked us if we would like to come with her to the town celebration where they were eating and getting ready for some native dancing. YES!! This was truly a village, like none I have ever seen. The houses were made from stone, there is a stream running down the center of town, which is used for washing. They have gates on either side of the main street to keep the cows out, not the chickens. They grow lots of fruits and Hazel nuts. They would like to be able to sell their cows, but only do maybe once a year. The cows, have no meat on them, they are just skin and bones.

We were introduced to a 16 year old girl, named Manah who was sort of the MC for the festivities. She invited us back for the “National Soup”, which they make often. So off we go to eat again, we certainly don’t lack food here. The people here are community people (my type) and love to eat, drink cay, and talk. The soup (which is pictured) is YUM!! It is made of homeny and some other type of grain, and lamb, and I don’t know what else. You garnish it with some coarse salt and sumac, mixed with other spices.

We drew a lot of attention of course, but also from an unexpected place; the Government Officials of this village! This man sat down next to Bry and poured out his heart to him in his language of course, and Amy roughly translated. He basically said “We hear have all heard of America, but you ask an American and they have never heard of us”. True. “We had other non profit workers here and with out a word they left, they didn’t finish their project and they didn’t say good-bye.” “How are you going to get to know us if you don’t come and stay”. “We want to know you; you are welcome in our town”.

He was right, what he said was true. We don’t know this place, not even when we look on the map, does the name sound familiar. (Ro. 10:14 ?) The real sad thing is, is that the workers there with the Peac* Corp. are not followers of Isa. Most of them are agnostic!! But Muslims don’t understand this word. So the workers, to avoid explanation, call them selves Christ*ans!!!! This is from their own mouths. We asked them, and then witnessed it with our own two eyes!! Now, these are nice people and they are doing great things, but they have NO Light. They are falsely representing the Light, stating that they come in the name of Isa!!! Not only is this blasphemous, but it is wrong. They have the right motives, but nothing to back them up. And WE, THE ONES WITH THE LIGHT, DO NOT GO!!! I am not accusing, I am just astonished that this happens. They are motivated by what?? World Peace?? We are motivated by Isa, and STILL REMAIN in our comfort zones.

We are all not called to GO, but we are all called to GO in one way shape or form. There are 5 ways we can participate that are vital: GO, SEND, MOBIZE, PRAY, WELCOME! I thought that this was a perfect demonic plan of the evil one, send someone who does good, but has NO Light, then the body will think that there is already something happening there and will divert their attention some place else!

After we ate, the dancing began. The people crowded around in big circle. We were way at the back where we could not see, but were ushered right to the front. A couple of older ladies offered that we share the rug they were sitting on, it was so sweet, so we all squished in. There was a young man on key boards playing native music, and the Mayor of the village started the dancing, the rest of the government officials joined him. Then the official dancers in costumes danced, there were 3 total. Then a few young men were invited to dance and they had a sort of manly dance off, with other men their age. The whole time the older ladies were egging me on, but I needed to be the professional photographer. HOWEVER, Bry popped up and gave the Native dance a try!! That was awesome. If you look closely in the pictures I took of him you can see others are taking pictures too!! The ladies I was sitting with were so excited to see him up there, he is so…brave.

Of course I made friends with the little old ladies and the kids. But we ended up being invited to the house of The History Teacher. He spoke great broken English, far better than we could speak his tongue. He was quite shy, but wanted to talk and learn and ask questions. NOW, just a reminder that this is a completely unengaged people (the people we set out to meet) we are talking about, that are Muslim. He invited us to his home!! His house was deep in the village and we sat over Cay (Chai). The even greater thing was that this was not orchestrated by us!!

We talked and talked, about political things, prop*ganda and beliefs. We talked about difference in cultures and how things work in America vs. this village. We talked about school and what this particular people needs, or where they would like to grow. They would love people like us to teach English in their village. Or just to work along side of and learn about the culture. In this culture, they don’t let you leave easily, so we stayed for dinner and desert. We were way out in the country and our host didn’t have a car, so we almost stayed the night too! He really wanted us too, but he found a friend with a car that was willing to drive us into town and back to our hotel.

One of the highlights for me was when the father introduced all of his family. He was a strong religious man. His sons were named Islam, Ramadan, and Miriam (another name for Mary, mother of Jesus). Once our new friend, asked if we had any questions for him, and Emily said yes, “I really love the name you named your children, especially your daughter. You named her after Jesus’ mother, and I love Jesus very much”. He agreed with her comment. However, Bry said once to him that we had a lot in common and his response was that we were still very different. Many strongholds were broken this night. Many questions answered just by us being there. It was a great honor to be in their home and make contact. We plan on writing Amy so that she can keep in contact with them for us.

I get so excited to see God at work in His nations. He doesn’t need us to accomplish his purpose. He will use whom ever he chooses to accomplish His will. A donkey, us, you, and non-believing P*eace Corp. volunteers. We would not have been invited had it not been for Amy and her friends. I will pray that she and her friends will find the Light while there, so that they can shine!

Is. 6:8 is a great vs. for this. May it be our prayer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Really quick

This is just a quick update with no pictures sorry to say. It is still to earily in the morning and I don't have that many.
The guys just went to the Mosque this morning and I guess all went well. In the mean time the girls went to the internet cafe where we found another American with the Peac* Corp. Yea, he was on our list of things to do today.
Later we will go a little further up north and then back to sea side. That will be nice. Not that the accomidations are not nice, but it will be nice to walk around in our own apt. And it will be nice to sit instead of squat too.

Our devotion this morning was on Ro. 15. Read it. It talks about our responsibility as the strong to minister and care for the weak. It reminded me that we have a calling and obligation to be about His business. He has given us each a specific ministry and giftings to attented to and use. Not to use them would be disobedient.

It also reminded me that Isa had compassion on the people who didn't know him. That is not pity, it is to suffer along side of. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the body as a whole was about hope and encouragement to the lost, poor, and dying? We are reminded strongly here, that there is more than America. More than our comforts that we are so used to. There are hungry, there are thirsty and there are thoes who need clothing, those who suffer.

Pray that He will raise up harvesters to harvest His people in this land.

Pray for safe travels and we will talk with you all soon.

The T's

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Tomorrow, is our last day in the mountains. We plan on visiting the local Mosque and then plan on going up a little further north towards the border to go into a more populated area, of the people we seek to know. Also maybe we can make contact with our friend we met on the train.
From there we will head back down to the sea side, not by train, but maybe taxi or bus.
We will be able to skype the kids then, yea!!
We love you and miss you, thanks for all the posts and prayers.
The T's

Squatty Potty...

Neighborhood street

Our Squatty Potty

Countryside house

Our hotel

Our Room, My bed

OUR HOMESTUDY HAS BEEN APPROVED!! Yea!! That means that we need to raise the rest of the $18,000 ASAP!! I know that God knows. This is by His design. These are His children. He is capable of providing this in one lump sum! Will you pray with me? They don’t have the referral ready yet, but they are already drawing up the invoice. WE MAY HAVE OUR BABIES SOON! I am so excited, yet not trusting. Will you pray with me? I sit and see, I taste, I feel, and still I am weak, will you pray with me?

This is a place rich in culture, several different ones combined. I love how the people just switch languages, to accommodate others. One sentence one language the very next minute another. Ask me how I know?? Again, I don’t really but I can pick out the Russian thanks to my daughter.

There is a professional football team in town that is European Football not American. The cost for us to attend is about $1.00, so we will be doing that tonight. It will be great fun to experience this in a different country. So far every kid we have run into has wanted to talk football in a language we don’t understand, but we can understand the names of teams and their team players.

Today we moved from the Mountain City to the Mountain Country. Great fun!! We are not far from the city, but definitely not in the 4 star we were in. This little hotel when we first arrived had two rooms adjoined with a common area that had a sofa and some tables and chairs. It had one bathroom, both rooms shared with a western toilet. I don’t know what happened in 3 nights, but today we checked out of our first hotel, which was almost $100 per night, and came to this one which is only $15 per night, there were not those same rooms left.

So, let me color commentate for you now. Really Bry should be the one doing this, cuz he color commentates so well, but I will give it my best shot, what I will describe is NOT negative, just different. Where we are now, cows walk right in the middle of the street, and chickens are loose. There are several dogs that roam the property that are very afraid of humans, but I have managed to make friends with them. I asked the lady what the dogs name was and she laughed and told me dog (of course in her language). I told her that in America we name our animals, and then she really laughed and waved her hand at me. Remember to Muslims dogs are not pets, they are nuisances. Muslims believe that dogs are dirty, not clean. So, when I called a little doggie, and lowered myself to pet one, boy did I get the stares, more great fun. Our rooms are nice, but we have two twin beds, which are made out of, I don’t know. They are very rickety and have like a pad on them not a mattress. Oh, not to mention that the floor is on a slant so at least our heads are up hill. We don’t have a bathroom in our room, but down the hall is a shared bathroom with two squatty potties and a shower in it. Now, this isn’t really suffering for the Lord, but I must share because it is just so much fun, bundled into one day.

Our first clue should have been the $ difference for one. Not to mention the cows, chickens and dogs. When we saw the toilets, I thought not so bad so we decided to stay here, because it is cute after all. Now, after drinking several glasses of Cya (Chai) and some water, using the toilet is unavoidable, one can only hold it so long, know what I mean?

Off to the squat pot, we go. Hmm….I think to my self, what is this watering can for? Oh..there is no toilet paper!!! So we pull out the translation dictionary for the word for toilet paper, and they don’t have any! After awhile the care taker rustled some up and gave it to us, that was nice of her. I also learned while flushing the squatty potty, one must back up from the toilet or ones shoes get wet when all the water rushes out of the sides, more great fun, and a change of socks!!

So the lesson for today: We are very blessed to be in America. Even though I have lived in Middle Eastern culture before for 2 years, I have forgotten the small little things that are such a convenience to us, like toilet paper lets say, or soap for our hands or toilets for that matter. When we go to eat we are very conscious of how much food we order or eat. These people don’t really do left overs, why, because, they don’t do Tupperware, or have preservatives in their food so they eat all that is put out, they don’t waste. I think in some instances they may take our left over food and feed it to their families. Although they don’t have much, they are very hospitable and giving. They demonstrate great community together, just like we are supposed to do! Since we are blessed, what shall we do with that blessing?? I hope by now we automatically think SHARE!! We should SHARE our blessings with others. In what form you may be asking yourself? Well, I know the one who knows the answer. He alone knows what you ought to be doing, and what He would like you to do, ASK HIM!! Be prepared for an answer that does not fit your own, but be sure to obey Him once you hear Him, it is more great fun!!

Will you pray with me?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Last Two

More snow on the Cacuasus

Chinese friends in the Bizarre, Bizarre?

More Still..

More Bizarre shopping
Nice Lady we met
Ace Hardware

More Pictures

Shopping at the Bizarre

Yummy Pastries

Our new friend Menah.. she runs a local market

Yeni illiniz mubarek...

Baby playing in the park

Getting ready for the Celebration
Old Abandon Church
Town Square

Today is Saturday, there are two posts for today because I didn’t have enough time update last night. We have already had a full day, and it is only 3pm. We got up had our usual breakfast then off on a bus ride along the city. We wanted to go to the bizarre, which we finally found via the long route.

I first want to say I LOVE IT HERE!! It is so awesome and we have had great interaction with all sorts of people. We of course drew a lot of attention. But, away from my friend Emily, I didn’t stand out as much. I began to encounter little old ladies (who, I attract to anyway) and they just assumed I was one of them. One lady was so tickled to find that I was an American that she just started to laugh and tell her friends that I looked like them, maybe French or Russian too. You maybe wondering how I know what she was saying, well the truth of it all is that I don’t, but I can understand and pick out enough words that I can get the jest. I thought this was great fun. I love the little grandmas with their sweet head covings and little worn faces. Once we left that store, she gave me a hug, and just laughed and laughed with her friends. That is how we make connections, just by being ourselves and putting ourselves in places we may have never gone before.

The next lady I ran into thought the same thing. Her and her daughter ran the store, and I was talking to them with the little I know thus far. When she asked me something I didn’t know, I told her I was speaking English. Oh that was a crack up. They hurried and told each other that they thought I was one of them. I began to look at some scarves to buy she gave me a discount, I think because I was trying so hard to use there words. Then the mama looked at me and told her daughter I was a Chr*sti*an. WHAT!! I was so excited, the lady came to me and gave me a big hug while patting me. Oh Lord, we ask for the nations!!

The craziest thing of all was at the bizarre there was a row of Chinese people selling things, just like the locals. I stopped to ask them if they were one of these people, and they answered no Chinese. But the crazy thing is they don’t speak Chinese, only the native tongue here. I pulled out some of my very limited and horribly pronounced Chinese and they didn’t respond, they just shook their heads like I don’t know.
We stopped to buy some apples from some ladies and they wouldn’t take our money, even though we insisted, they insisted harder. Then one of the men came over and asked us if would like to take his picture, OF COURSE we would, what an opportunity and besides that I loved his hat!!

After much fun and shopping we were off to my favorite place to eat. This guy speaks Russian and thanks to C~5 I know enough to say hi and thank you. We asked for the same meal we had the first time and he hooked us up. I can’t think of any place better to eat, other then this place. By far the BEST in this little town, and the city in my opinion, I don’t know what he does to that lamb, but it is finger licking good!!

We wished him Happy New Year, and that is all it takes her to be best friends. This is so much fun, Lord we do ask for the nations.

This place needs the Helper and the Comforter. Please pray just that. My heart breaks for my new friends, that don’t walk in light, only darkness. Oh, how we ask for the nations.

Yeni illiniz mubarek!!

Happy new year!!

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