Monday, March 23, 2009

Really quick

This is just a quick update with no pictures sorry to say. It is still to earily in the morning and I don't have that many.
The guys just went to the Mosque this morning and I guess all went well. In the mean time the girls went to the internet cafe where we found another American with the Peac* Corp. Yea, he was on our list of things to do today.
Later we will go a little further up north and then back to sea side. That will be nice. Not that the accomidations are not nice, but it will be nice to walk around in our own apt. And it will be nice to sit instead of squat too.

Our devotion this morning was on Ro. 15. Read it. It talks about our responsibility as the strong to minister and care for the weak. It reminded me that we have a calling and obligation to be about His business. He has given us each a specific ministry and giftings to attented to and use. Not to use them would be disobedient.

It also reminded me that Isa had compassion on the people who didn't know him. That is not pity, it is to suffer along side of. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the body as a whole was about hope and encouragement to the lost, poor, and dying? We are reminded strongly here, that there is more than America. More than our comforts that we are so used to. There are hungry, there are thirsty and there are thoes who need clothing, those who suffer.

Pray that He will raise up harvesters to harvest His people in this land.

Pray for safe travels and we will talk with you all soon.

The T's


praisinyahweh said...

I pray sweet and safe travels for you all, and am so happy that your trip has been so amazing. I also am so thankful for technology that allows us to stay connected from so far away. As you are returning to someplace, so am I. I go back to school today. Pray for safe travels and adjustment ... and safe harbor from the stress of it all. My principal has resigned, and it looks like they will take my vice-principal as well. And then there is the AIMS. Small trials to those you have witnessed, but they make for a long, exhausting (emotionally) day. Love you both. Can't wait to see you soon. Miss you.


PS I have recently come to really appreciate my potty. :)

God's Girl said...

Praying for you guys and love you too.... : )

Coral said...

Hey mom and daddy!
I miss you guys lots! I hope your having fun and Im praying for you!
and dont freak out about me at all! im fine, the only suckish part is no swimming like every one else well i love you!
all 4 christ coral

Steven D said...

Guys, I finally looked at your blog and didn't realize how awesome your record of this trip has been. The pictures tell a thousand words, and your thousand words also tell a thousand words. ... Got it? Okay, so tell T&E I say hello to him and that T looked like an intellectual stud playing chess. Blessings!

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