Friday, March 6, 2009

A Day to Remember...

Today is my mom's Birthday. She would have been 66 years old. No worries, I am doing ok, but I do miss her terribly. She was such an awesome mom, and loved to be with her kids & Grand Kids.
Lately C~4 has been missing her so much. It is funny how time flies, and yet crawls. It seems like only yesterday she went to be with the Lord, yet it is hard to remember her laugh and the way her voice sounded when she recognized it was me on the phone.
I am so grateful for having a mom like this one. She has taught me so much, and her grand-kids have a memory of such unconditional love that they will never forget. I look forward to the day where we will be united once again, with no more death and pure joy!!
Today she celebrates beyond celebrations, with Jesus!!
Happy Birthday my Sweet Mommy!

C~2 and Nana, her little sidekick
Mom and Me at a wedding

Yup, thats me...we are at Bush Gardens, does anyone remember Bush Gardens?

Three generations

Nana with C~3 and her sudo grand-daughter


Susan said...

Love all the beautiful pictures.

Cindy said...

Stop making me cry!

And yes, I do remember Bush Gardens...but I don't know if I've been there. I know I've heard my parents talk about it. I'll have to find out.

Elissa Hill said...

What adorable pictures! Did you have blond hair gowing up?? : ).
By the way you did very good today. Thanks for sharing at the Tea, God used you powerfully.

God's Girl said...

Ohhhhhh.... my sweet friend. Are you saying you were really OK yesterday??? I'm so sorry for that void you feel missing your precious mom. She just looks so nice, sweet and loving. I wish I could have met her. : ( I will someday though.

You, my friend, are nothing short of amazing (in Christ of course).

Julie said...

Those are great pictures. You and your mom have the same beautiful warm smile. I'm sorry you have to miss her right now. Praise the Lord someday we will all be together...oh what a day that will be!

The Lord really used you today! Thank you for testifying of God's amazing love. Love you, friend!

Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures! We still go to Busch Gardens ;o)

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