Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where are the Thieles....

We are not in country!! Funny string of events have happened, which you might be saying to yourself, "not unusual considering it is the Thiele's". We arrived ON TIME!! Lets get that out of the way for those of you who were wondering.

In Phx. our flight to Dallas, TX was delayed by 1 hour. That made us late to Dallas, TX. Where we missed our other traveling partner, who was coming from New Mexico. So the four of us that were in TX, ran and ran, with burning calves, hacking up lung, half dead, to the gate in for our connecting flight to London and missed it. Bev, is on her way to London, and we are not with her. SO....we make plans to get the next flight to London, and that plane was delayed too!!!

Now it was just announced that the plane was broken, and a new one is coming. We are going to be delayed 4 hours total and will miss poor Bev in London and she will travel to AZ with out us!! Pray for her, she has never traveled out of the country and is for great surprise, that we do not meet her in London. SO...we have called ahead and left a message for her to continue on with out us. As for us four here WE WAIT....

We may or may not make another plane to AZ tomorrow. Bev may be there by herself for a whole day!! Never a dull moment with God at the helm, and with the Thiele's in tow.

Okay, lesson...we have endurance...remember what I said about running for the first plane...endurance. God give us courage, and endurance to hang on tight. We have adventure, enough said. We have God!! He plans our course, not us:)

Love to all of you, Hopefully I will post from London!!


amyb777 said...

Aaah the joys of international travel. I remember spending 12 hours in Mexico City airport once due to a communication error. So fun. I'm glad you are keeping your sense of humor about it. Hang in there my sista! Love you guys lots! Still praying and praying like a little praying energizer bunny. ; )

Coral said...

hey mommy and daddy! i miss you lots and can wait to see you!
Im praying for you!
love your daughter Coral

amyb777 said...

HOpe you guys made it to London ok and now are on your way to AZ. Praying that God will make your paths straight and the road smooth before you. What an awesome adventure!

Lots of love!

LisaShaw said...

I pray for safe travels for all of you and for God's will in all areas. God bless you.

Sheryl said...

We are praying for you. Hope your trip is a blessing.
Love to you!

praisinyahweh said...

On your profile you say that this blog is a way to share a life that is "controlled chaos." It is only so .... for all of us ... because God is in control of the chaos that permeates this world and out lives! How fun the stories of this trip are going to be! Enjoy the chaos friends, because I think that is really where we can readily see God's hand working and keeping us safe in the midst of it! :) We love you all dearly and will be praying for you constantly while you are abroad.

Love you ...

Miss you ...

The Days

God's Girl said...

Oh... My... Goodness!!! Crazy!
We are praying that you arrive to your destination safetly and soon.

See, I'm thinking God wants to give you some really amazing stories to share for part 2 of His Amazing Love. : )

that poor girl by her self.... I pray for her too.

We miss you guys already! The picnic was really nice but you were missed!

Keep us posted because we love to know how you are doing.

We love you guys! Lots!


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