Monday, March 30, 2009


We are HOME!! It is great to be home! Being away really reminds me of the things I have and do not need, but the comfortability of them are what I missed, like a toilet that I can sit on, although, I have decided that I could live without them, and gladly would for Jesus.

My heart breaks for the people we left, knowing that there is no one representing Jesus to them. Sure in the city there people to share the Light but in the country side they are alone. I feel like I have so..much to say, but am so overwhelmed to say it all in one blog. I will plan to break it up over the next few days.

We would like to have an open house for those who live near, so we can update you properly, we will keep you posted as to when and where.

The one thing that I do want to share with you right now is close to my heart, and in fact is right in my home, my daughter.

Over the past few months you have read and read all of the updates and things that go on in the lives of the T's. Sometimes it crazy and sometimes we can slow down and breathe. The last two weeks, I have missed my kids like crazy. While out of town, we learned that our home study was approved and that our paper work is ready as soon as our dossier is prepared. That is huge news. This means that our children could be coming fast!! I have been reminded that when God give us a vision to do something, He intends to finish it out. I don't know why I need to be reminded, but I guess I am remedial.

Yesterday, I spoke with our daughter from Russia and caught up on the last two weeks that I missed while we were gone. I found out the Lord really spoke to her in an amazing way, I am sure that you will agree.

A few of my friends and my children attended a concert while we were out of the county. While at the concert my daughter got caught up in some pretty big emotions. She tried her best to describe them to me, this is what she said. During the concert, she was reminded that her sister and best friend were really important to her. She remembered the first day she was asked to stay the night with our family (before she was adopted, the first night we met her) and said that it was the best day of her life. She had never stayed the night at a friends house before, and she was so excited. At first she was imaging her life without C~2 and it brought her sadness. Then the Lord reminded her how He had orchestrated (my word) all of this in her life. In Russia her life was harder, if it were not for God telling Miss Kim (her first adoptive mom) to go to Russia and bring her to the US, then she would not have met C~2. If it were not for C~2 inviting her to stay the night at our home, then she would have missed out on this family. Now that she looks back, and sees how the Lord brought her to this family, she is so excited. She thought she would never be adopted because she was too old, so she resolved to being an orphan for the rest of her life. She said that she loves being here, and she is so grateful for every thing God did to get her to a family that loves her and that she loves. She is so grateful to be here, even though it was a long hard road it was worth it. Once she realized how blessed she was and how God loves her enough to bring her to this family, she was in tears. God really has worked in the life of my sweet C~5, He has shown her His unconditional love.

At the end of our talk, she said that she had a hard time (because of the language gap) communicating these things and wish that she could do better. I assured her that she did a fine job. I can't tell you how that makes my heart sing. Better than that, I wonder what Jesus heart is doing right about now!!

I am reminded again, that the Lord intends to bring these children all the way around the world right into the home that he has hand picked to help bring healing, stability, and love to them.

Below are some thoughts of a dear lady, Katie who spends her life in Uganda loving on orphans, I added it not to guilt anyone into giving, but because they are profound and they are true.

"Each person who calls themselves a follower of Christ takes up the responsibility to love and care for the fatherless. It is not some special, specific calling. It is the duty of all who call themselves Christians. There are ONE HUNDRED FORTY SOMETHING MILLION fatherless, motherless, parentless children who are not shown unconditional love by another human being on a daily basis. How will we then tell them that Jesus loves them? I am certain that God did not mess up and create too many children and not enough people to love them. The body of Christ is responsible for sharing His love with the people that we are also responsible for making destitute. Please join my broken heart in praying for the fatherless, but more than that please pray about how YOU can be instrumental in loving the fatherless. They are not just in Africa, they are right in your own community."

My sisters and brothers in Christ, we are half way there to reaching our goal, we need $18,000.00 more, to bring these sweet children home. They are fatherless, they are unloved, they are alone, they need a mommy and a daddy, they need Jesus. This goal is completely reachable together. God intends to bring these kids home, I don't doubt that, I am just wondering who is going to allow Him to use them!! Imagine the possibilities!

I love you dear friends.


Elissa Hill said...

Ohh wow! What a blessing to here about C-5, I was at the concert with them, and I know they had a blast! Hey I had a blast! :). And Count us in for the get together!(We are soo there!) I can't wait to here more about the trip!

LisaShaw said...

I have been reading through your last several posts and viewing all the photos and listening to all the many ways God is moving in your lives and the lives of your children and others you come in contact with.

I will pray for ALL the resources you stand in need of. The Lord bless you.

auntie katie said...


just wanted to let you know that Gwen and Maggie are home safely ... thanks so much for the encouragement and prayers ... blessings on your new adventure ...

God's Girl said...

Oh how this blessed my socks off! I love when the Lord makes His ways known to us. We do see so much more looking back than looking forward. But when a youngster sees the handiwork of God, that is the Spirit of God working and moving! : )

I can't wait to hear more!!!

I missed you greatly!

LisaShaw said...

Praying you and your family are experiencing the absolute blessings that come from the presence of our LORD during this glorious Resurrection Sunday.

Bless you sister.

Steven D said...

word on the blog. very nice story.

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