Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Great Caucasus Mountains




praisinyahweh said...

Wow! I could not sleep tonight and logged on to the site HOPING for a post ... but not really thinking there would be one! LUCKY ME! We had a great time tonight. The big girls had a formal dance party at Zona's in lieu of going to the Denny's party. The waltzed with each other, dipped each other, spun each other ... and created a dramatic dance to ... what else ... a song from Phantom of the Opera. Zona and I put together some appetizers and the little girls played servers. Before you even ask ... yes, I took pictures. :) It was a very sweet time.

I brought up your blog for Roger the other night. He read each and every word. He seemed pleased to be able to share some of the experience online. I am sure that he will love the paragraph that you wrote him ... and will make sure that he sees this post when he gets back from California. (No the kids did not go with him.) I think he is leaving tomorrow morning. Thank you for the kind words about us as well. It has been really fun helping with the kids, the dogs, and Roger. Zona is amazing in the way that she cares for 11 just as easily as 6. :) She is definitely a special woman! Have I mentioned lately how much I love my friends?

The pictures and the blog are great. I can picture it all in my head as I read it, and I just know that you will have stories enough for more than one get together! I might just have to call in sick for the whole week after you get back so that I don't miss one of them!

Well friends ... we love you and think of you often while looking up at the moon. You are almost half way home ... enjoy each minute.

Love you dearly.


Tara said...

I love u both and i cant wait till you get back.Im pretty sure your kids feel the same way! i love you!

Your's Truly,
Tara :D

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