Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Pics again!

The Family that hosted us for dinner, possibly the man of peace for future harvesters Lk.10

His yard from the top porch

Their house

In the front of their home

Sweet faces

New friends

Sweet lady, she liked to love on me

Enjoying the dance

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing

Mother and Daughter

In Lk. 10: The Lord sends out His disiples and tells them to go into the cities that he appoints. He tells them to go ahead of Him, and then He will follow.
We would be foolish to believe that we are bringing Jesus to the people, He is already there, we are joining Him. We need to listen to where He wants us to go because He has every intention of meeting us there. This is not of our own efforts, but the effort of the One who has sent us.


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