Saturday, June 12, 2010

Urgent Prayer and Action Needed...

This is an urgent prayer request for one of our orphans in Kisii, Kenya. We visited Pastor Cyrus and the kids in February when we went to get our children in Ethiopia.

Justin is a 14 year old boy, whom I love like a son. I fell in love with his servants heart and his love of Jesus.

Two days ago, Justin was in doing his chores before bed. He was in the girls dorm and lit a lantern because they don't have electricity. The match caught the mattress on fire, and then caught Justin on fire. Cyrus was in a different dorm, and could hear the screaming coming from the dorm. Justin was in trying to put out the fire. Cyrus ran in and got him out. Justin was burnt badly. There are pictures below.

Please pray for his healing. Also, Cyrus needs money for the hospital bill for Justin. There are some major needs in this orphanage. First there is no electricity, therefore they have to use matches and lanterns and that is how this fire started. They need a generator to eliminate this problem. Also, they need a car. Pastor Cyrus had to carry Justin on his back for 6 miles and no one came to help. He carried Justin to the police station and after awhile they gave Cyrus a car to take him to the hospital. They have desperate needs.

You can help! By donating to Remember the Poor all of your donations will go toward Justin's hospital bill and to bring him the medical treatment he needs.

Pastor Cyrus said this was truly a miracle. He does now know how the flames were put out other than the hand of God. Justin could have been consumed by the flames and they are rejoicing over God's goodness. Oh, we of little faith. Cyrus said they truly witnessed Jesus yesterday.

I will keep you posted as we are updated of Justin's status. Thank you for your prayers and participation.

Justin in the frontJustins legs and burns

Justin and Fred together.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Prayer and Fasting...

This is a MUST watch. We need Jesus more than we need anything else! God's church must wake from it's slumber.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...

My Hubby who loves me

Kenyan kids holding water on their heads

Goats for hungry children

Hard boiled eggs and smiley faces

Hearts full of joy

My baby, gently cradling a baby

Sweaty little boys at the skate park

The freedom to lift our hands in worship to a Holy God

Brotherly love

Red carpet events and my beautiful girls

The looks on the faces of my children when they are talking to loved ones for the first time, in Africa.

The love of special friends

My babies learning to blow bubbles with their gum

Enjoying Ethiopian friends who want to make the transition smoother

Eating with our hands

Ethiopian food

Being a mother of many nations

The blessings of dear friends

The Mission and big praise from little people

An obedient heart

Project Playlist