Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brave Little Campers

All of us!

My Knight!

Something worse than the outhouses, Yuck!

Getting ready to hike!

The Crew

First I want to say that I am so excited about this blog. I stink at sending pictures to my sweet friends and family and now I don't have to, they can just click and see:

Okay, so my friend Zona and I had this great idea to take all of our children camping by ourselves for one week! Oh did I mention that we took 10 kids?? We had so much fun. We didn't set any rules except for NO electronics or phones, which worked well because we didn't have service anyway. We loaded two Yukon's and a trailer and headed for Woods Canyon Lake, about 38 miles past Payson. The days were cool and the nights were cooler (sometimes freezing for our Arizona bodies).

The day we arrived we started to set up camp and it began to rain. None of us had ever put up a tent, so it was quite the laugh. However, we were "brave little campers" and we pulled through and did it!

Everything was going well until...."The Thursday Flood". It began at dinner time and we were hustling to get dinner to all the children in their tents before our dinner washed away. After dinner was served, came the flooding of all the tents. First the girls tents, soaked sleeping bags, clothes and pillows. Then the boys, tents, they were quick on their feet and used some of their clothes to save their bedding. After about an hour or so, we evacuated the children to our trucks. In the mean time Zona was in our tent with Chloe and Cyilea. I decided that we might have to go to a hotel and went to get the car started and warmed only to find a dead battery. After Trevor and I jumped the truck, I thought I would check on Zona and our dripping tent. I found her safely on our raft (blow up mattress) with my two girls, and buckets placed strategically to catch the rain. Zona assured me that we could brave the storm, and that is just what we did. The next morning, thankfully, our knights in shining armor were there to save the day and re-set up camp. After several hours of drying we did it!!

I think that it was awesome memory builders with some of my favorite people. I give praise for the rain and all the excitement it caused, because it is something my children will not forget.

God's Provisions

Our Flotation Device


The Heinl Family said...

Very nice! I love the blog name :)

I can see you'll be right up there on my list of favorite blogs...

God's Girl said...

Wow! You are brave! Looks like you made some wonderful memories!
Love to you!


john n ang said...

Hi Andrea!

Thanks for sending me your blog link! It was great to get caught up with your happenings!!!


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