Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Passport 2 Purity...

This weekend I took my girls on their Passport 2 Purity weekend. First let me start with a disclosure. It is 1 am and my postings are backwards. What I mean is out of order, if you want to see what happened first, you must scroll to the bottom of the blog and work your way up. Then it will be in chronological order. It is late, or early rather and I am not going back to fix it, so just bare with me. One more thing, most of you know that I don't spell well, so that might be a problem too. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program.
This weekend was very special for a number of reasons. I had the privilege of taking my two almost teenage girls on there purity weekend. We have a curriculum put out by Dennis and Barbara Rainey that teaches the importance of entering into maturity and what it means to keep yourself pure. It is especially designed to do with your son or daughter over a weekend and talks about physically maturity, peer pressure and establishing biblical principles. It is a great way to grow closer with your teen and to draw boundaries now, so you won't be caught second guessing later. Here is the link just in case you are heading into those teen times and would like a little help establishing what the bible says about staying pure and how to teach these important views to your child .
We started the trip with our dear friends and headed to Tucson to a beautiful resort. We spent the first night going over our curriculum and then we went to dinner.
The next day we spent our time learning more, then we were off to the mall. The hotel we were staying in was going to be hosting a ball later that evening, even though we were not invited we thought we would stop and try on some gowns, just in case. Yes, Zona and I played too, but I will spare you the visuals. We all had so....much fun. Next stop, Santa...I am so glad the girls (well at least some of them) played along too.
Then back to hotel to change for our "special" dinner. This was the night that I was waiting for the whole weekend. I was presenting the girls with their purity rings!! The "special" part was that I took two diamonds out of my moms wedding ring and had them made into rings for my girls. I thought it would be a great way to remember what the ring symbolizes (staying pure until you are married) and to have a little something from Nana too. Of course I cried, when telling them about why the rings had such meaning, both of them teared up too. As you can see by the looks on their faces, it was just as special to them. We wrapped up the night with some dessert and a movie.
The next day was spent just lounging around. We spent several hours at the pool, yes in December, only in Arizona. Then played some games and the best people watching in the lobby of the resort. After a lot of fun and food we were ready (sort of) to come home.
All and all, it will be a weekend to remember. I am soo... blessed with two beautiful teenage girls who have given their whole heart to Jesus. As I look back on the weekend, I am grateful for a God that gives us understanding of His word, and helps us to cling to His promises. We gained a lot of useful tools that will help my girls remain in God as he guides them along the next phase of their lives.

Fun in the sun??? It's December

Beautiful African wrap

View from our room


God's Girl said...

hmmmm.... I think I recognize that beautiful place. Is it in Scottsdale?

drea said...

No, it isn't, it is in Tucson off of Ina Rd. way back. It is beautiful though!!

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