Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I wish you could see...

Oh, how I wish you could see our Ethiopian babies!!! I just got the pictures of them yesterday that my friend took while in Ethiopia last week, all I can say is beautiful!! I will carry them in my purse, so if you remind me, I will have them to show you. You probably won't have to remind me, I'll show you anyway!! For those of you who live out of town, you will just have to imagine for now, one day soon when they are home, we will have a blog full of pictures!!

Our friends trip was successful, she was able to visit many orphanages, pass out shoes and formula and some clothes, love on children, visit an AIDS compound, pray with a Muslim man dying of AIDS, and much more. Passing out shoes and praying with dying men and women will not change a nation, but God can. These are the hands and feet of Christ! God tells us that He calls people unto Himself, He is the one who prepares hearts, we just need to love with God's love, and share it with others, it is that easy.

Here are some pictures that you can see.

We went to a Russian concert, C~5 had a wonderful time. She remembered some songs and loved being around people from her country. The kids that preformed were around her age and older. Great Grandpa also surprised us with a visit, so we were able to take him along for the festivities! It was her 13th birthday the very next day, so this was a real treat, for all of us. One of the girls that she has a picture with looks like she could be her sister! It was so much fun learning about a different nation.

Aunt Laurel & C~5, Birthday Buddies

The Girls for a slumber party!!

Dad & C~5 doing a Russian Dance!!

Great Grandpa Bill did a surprise visit from Cali

C~5 and one of the Russian dancers


God's Girl said...

So wonderful! Where did you find a Russian dancer? I love it!

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