Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sticks and Stones...

C~4 broke her little tiny wrist the Wednesday at the park. She slid down the parallel bars like someone sitting on a stair rail, BUT when she reached the bottom, she fell right on her arm. We waited until the next day and sure enough a "buckle fracture". Once the pain wore off she was all smiles as you can tell from the pictures, a little attention never hurt any one right??

The tiniest arm ever...especially for an 8 year old

The broken bone, just under the growth plate, look hard, and maybe you can find it!!

The spectators...Hey we home school, this was our anatomy lesson for the day, not to mentions first aid!!

Wrapping it up!

The Doc had to squeeze the cast in order to keep it from falling off.
All smiles now!

The signing of the cast!

I love you C~4 get better soon!


Missionary Hicks said...

I saw her at church this morning. Well, I guess, it's yesterday now, but she was all smiles. I broke my arm around her age. Its only fun for a day or two... then it starts to itch. I'll be praying for her. And you.

God's Girl said...

Oh your sweet girl.... I pray that it heals quickly! : )

She is so sweet about it all.

Love you Drea! See you tonight.

Elissa Hill said...

Ohh poor little Chloe! Glad to here she is doing much better. Breaking bones is no fun!

Anonymous said...

What a little sweetheart, as always. That smile seems to be near-constant - even with a broken wrist! Tell her we love her and will pray for her.

Oliphint said...

Praying for quick healing. She is so stinkin' cute! We are all to familar with casts in our house.

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