Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We're Home...

The Thiele's went on their 2nd annual camping trip with the Amstutz Family to Woods Canyon Lake It was such a relaxing time and our prayers worked, we did not have flooding rain!! We did have rain, but we didn't have to build an ark...or use our blow up mattresses as floatation devices. Chloe prayed one night for the rain to pass, and sure enough it did!! The first thing she did when we said our prayers for bed, was thank Jesus for letting the storm go by us...it was so sweet!
We took up two camp sites, the same ones we had last year. Next year we will need three. It was fun to imagine all 11 of us camping once Meskerem, Eyob and Samuel get here. My heart breaks for them as we wait...and wait...and wait...Lord, bring them home quickly!

All the kids had so much fun, I will stop talking and let the pictures speak for them selves!

The highlight of the trip...Bald Eagles in the wild! The nested by the lake, the nest was about 8 feet in diameter. The baby eagle, was getting ready to fly. They are so majestic and beautiful, it was a joy to watch such a beautiful creation!

This beautiful butterfly frequented our campsite. I was able to capture him on this flower, he was about the size of my palm.

Born to camp

Every afternoon God brought beautiful clouds and soft rain

Tara on the boat

Coral, in the grass...yes she still had fun with a broken foot and a cast

A beautiful sunset on Woods Canyon Lake

Bryan with his tough fisherman look...scary

My tent buddies
Chloe's BIG catch!! She was so excited!

Cyilea's BIG catch...she was even more excited!! She had her pole and was waiting patiently then she said "Daddy, I think I have a fish!" Bryan checked the line (not believing her) and said you will have to wait honey. So she did wait for a couple of more minutes then she said "SERIOUSLY Daddy, seriously, I have a fish". So dad said, "reel it in then." Bryan still didn't think that Cyilea had caught anything, but to his surprise...SHE DID! Both girls started jumping up and down hugging each other.

Well as fisherman stories go...I caught a fish this.....big.....and Bryan did!

My little Christopher, he too...born to camp

On our hike to the lake

Cailee, Cyilea, Christopher and Tara

Coral boating

Coral, Tyler, Taylor and Dean on Woods Canyon lake

My beautiful girl, Cailee

Cardar The Barbarian (his woodsman name)

Too Cute


PraisinYahweh said...

God's hand is so obvious when we stop to look at nature ... love the pics ... am so glad that you all had an amazing time. Welcome home!

Susan said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. What great memories you are making with your family. Love the last picture. TooCute!!

Lauren said...

Beautiful! :) I love the picture of Cailee! :) Woods Canyon is beauutiful! We had the same rainy experience... flooded tents with mattresses floating us - our survival! LOL

amyb777 said...

Awesome pictures my friend! I especially love Bryan's big fish story. ;) Too cute pictures of the kids. They are so adorable!

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