Monday, December 28, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New...

I want to share with you my video of my families Christmas this year. A lot was changed, old traditions were broken and New traditions were created. I to share our story about the Joy of the Lord in our hearts this Christmas. This year we decided that it was going to be about Others.

The old traditions were about us and our 6 children. Of course we made Jesus the center, but we spent the day doing presents, eating yummy food and being with our family.

The New Traditions this year: we decided to be with and to serve others instead of just us. We also decided to cut our Christmas spending. We exchange a few small gifts with our kids, and took the rest of the money that we would have spent on family and friends, and donated it to ministries that needed the money instead of us.

We spent until 10:15 am at home, then we were off to a local mission. Each year Valley View Food Bank spends Christmas serving others. We got together with our small group and decided we were going to make New Traditions together this year and join Valley View Food Bank, and a local church to show the Love of Christ to the local community. Our group of about 35 adults and children, headed up the toy section of the project. We arrived at 10:45 am and served until 4:00 pm. As you will see from the video below, we didn't miss out on a thing, rather we were filled beyond full. Thank you Jesus!

Remember to scroll to the bottom of my blog and pause the music before you watch the video.


praisinyahweh said...

Love the video my dear movie makin' friend ... I wish I could have been there with you all to serve ... it looks like you were blessed just as much as those you served. Funny how that works. :) There is such a freedom in letting go of self ... and focusing on others. Maybe it is just the language our hearts were meant to speak ... the common language that ties all God's people together and can gather them back together. Love you all and know that this is just the beginning of beautiful things to come.


Rachelle said...

That was a great Christmas!!!! I wish to do the same some year and I have planned to teach and have my children do the same also. I hope your family and those you served were very blessed and saw the love of Christ. Video was great, you should tell me how you did it.

Erica said...

Beautiful friend.

Anonymous said...
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