Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boasting in the Lord...

I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad . Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together! Psalm 34:1-3.

I wanted to share with you just how wonderful our God is. And how quick He is to answer when we are asking within His will. (if you have not read the previous post read that one first, then this one will make more sense).

Within a couple of hours of sending our update we received our first $150 donation. A friend decided to forgo the beauty salon and give us what she would have spent that day, $50. Then she and her husband had set aside $100 for her gardener to do some work in their yard and they decided that they would go without that non-essential and give that money to the children. Total $150, Praise God.

That evening we had some friends deliver even more good news. This couple had a great idea as well. At a conference there was a silent auction that was to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. One of the things to bid for was a 1964 Chrysler Newport car. Our friend called his wife and asked if they should bid on it. The decided to buy it then sell it for our children. He won the bid for $2,100 and just a couple of hours later someone from the same convention came up and asked if he could buy the car from him for $3000! God orchestrated the whole thing, he didn’t even have to look for a buyer. The even greater news is that they didn’t just donate the difference, they decided to donate the WHOLE amount!! That is to God’s glory!! And a special thank you to our friends.

So I said we needed 100 people to donate $150 each or 50 people to donate $300 each. That would reach our goal. The new numbers are 79 to donate $150 OR 39.5 to donate $300. We are getting soo…close.

Just to put a different spin on it, this email goes out to about 175 people or so. This is doable. We have God on our side!! Please don’t think you are not needed because someone else will do it. You are needed!! And furthermore God will bless your obedience. Remember He says try Him in this and he will bless you more than you can receive! Praise Him!!

Last thing. I want to add is, if you struggle in trusting God, He is the God of promises. In His word He says “come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest.” If you need encouragement today in trusting God, a good place to start is by just coming to Him. He can’t lie, He can’t go back on His word. He is holy and perfect in every way. If you don’t already have a relationship with Christ, he is waiting for you to give Him control of your life, that is your first step.
1. Admit your need for forgiveness and peace.
2. Be willing to turn from your sins, believing that Jesus Christ died for you and the cross and rose from the grave.
3. Through prayer, invite Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and be your savior.

His promises are true. God will never let His name be defamed. He will not allow someone to say, “God made a covenant with me, but He has not held up His end of the arrangement.” The Lord’s reputation is tied to His faithfulness in keeping His promises.
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