Tuesday, June 16, 2009

By Spirit & Water...

On Sunday, June 14th our daughter Cailee was baptized. Baptism is one of those things you don't want to ask your kids if they want to do, you would rather they approach you and ask you if they can do it. That is exactly what happened. The Lord has been doing a HUGE work in our little Cailee. She has been courageous throughout her life and learning first hand that the Lord has made her way and that she can trust in Him. Sunday, Cailee decided that she was going to make an outward profession of Her inward belief in Jesus Christ!

She asked her daddy if He would be the one to baptize her, which of course he felt so honored to do so. Pastor Todd, Bryan and Cailee got into the pool and Cailee answered the questions of faith Pastor Todd asked her and she was baptized. When she came up they prayed together and my little girl started to weep. Just a few months ago, I posted that the Lord had revealed to her how He had the perfect plan for her life and how she knew that she was exactly where the Lord wanted her and she couldn't be happier. Today, I could see, while her head was bowed, the look of true gratitude. She was completely grateful to God for being her Savior.

I can't explain to you how I felt watching my daughter profess Jesus. One of my biggest concerns was if we would convey Jesus to our children in the right way. I want all of our kids to really know the love of their Father in heaven. Sure, for our biological children it would be easier (I thought) because they have a picture of that heavenly love in an earthly father. But what about those who came so wounded, so hurt, so broken, without that example of a loving father or mother for that matter. How would they know, that they know, that they can trust Jesus and give themselves to Him whole-hearted. Only by God's Grace!

I am so thankful for our children. I am thankful for the things that they teach me. Like, how to persevere, how to be courageous, how to love, how to forgive, how to trust, & how to come to the Lord with child like faith.

Faithful Friends

Bryan also assisted with Tara (like a niece and one of our Best Friends daughters.)

Gramie & Cailee

Mom, Cailee & Dad...We couldn't have asked for more!


God's Girl said...

Awesome pictures of every moment. I'm so glad cuz' I missed it. :(

Congratulations sweet girl! God is so good!

My Blessed Life said...

These are awesome pictures.

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