Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hallelujah Night...

We had a great night of fun our our churches Hallelujah Night. What made this night so special is that not only did our church offer an alternate night to Halloween, by inviting the neighborhood, we also were able to talk to our neighbors about Jesus. There were skits, and music. Two bands played, our band played about 5 songs to about 5 people, Ha Ha (funny but true). We sounded great, but no one would know! Then the youth band came on, Coral was in that one, she rocked. I love her voice.

The Youth kids decided to fast all day to prepare to share Jesus with those who came for the Hallelujah Night. They watched a Ray Comfort video, which teaches people how to share Jesus. Showing them that they are sinners and are in need of a Savior. The kids had tracks and candy and would approach people and ask them a few questions. They had such a good time and are ready to do it again in other settings.

All and all we had a great time with Jesus, friends and fun!!

Grammie with Colton and Branson

Rachel, Chloe and Jillian

Cyilea Kitty and Chloe Tiger

Cute little Kitty

Amy wit da fro...

PaPa wit da fro...

MaMa wit da fro...ah ha...ah ha...

Big Daddy wit da fro..

Cade and Colton

Lil Chris...Where's da fro??

Cailee with all ten of her orange fingers

Coral and her girl's

Yes..the hair is semi permanent red...I don't know what I was thinking.

Our Bands awesome electric guitarists!!

Patty Cakes on drums

Us singing to 5 people...great fun!

Grammie and Chloe

Colton...The Stone


Erica said...

You were thinking Coral ROCKS the semi permanent red hair and it should stay! Oh I love it! Looks like a fun night!

amyb777 said...

Fros. So much fun! I was stoked about how the Youth kids were so excited to find anyone who didn't know Jesus show they could share their faith. Can't wait to do more with them! And you guys did do an awesome job singing and playing. You need to play again somewhere. :) Coral rocked the hair and the mic!

ypypyp kja

LisaShaw said...

Glad I visited with you today my friend. Great photos and love you.

Rachelle said...

hey girlie 5 people can be big enough!

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