Sunday, November 1, 2009


Remedy - [rem-i-dee] noun :
Something that cures or relieves a disease or a bodily disorder; a healing medicine, application or treatment.
- to cure relieve or heal, to restore to the natural or proper condition, put right.

Remedy...something that today, many of us desire, some more than others. David Crowder has a song out called Remedy this is what it says:
Here we are
The broken and used
Mistreated , abused
Here we are

Here You are
The beautiful one, who came like a son
Here You are

So we lift up our voices and open our hands, to cling to the Love that we can't comprehend
O lift up your voices and lift up you hands, to sing of the Love that Has freed us from sin

Here we are
Bandaged and bruised
Awaiting a cure
Here we are

Here You are
Our beautiful King
Bringing relief
Here You are

You are the one who has saved us, You are the one who embraced us.
You are the one who has come and is coming again
You are the remedy

He is the remedy
You are the remedy
Let us be the remedy.

It is interesting to me that as believers we hold the cure, the Remedy to all of our sickness and disease right in our hands. Most of us are grateful for that Remedy..we say all the time to other believers, "I don't know how we could do death, or cancer, or ALS, or..... with out the Remedy (Jesus)." Truth is, we can't do it. We would be lost, hopeless, desperate. The Remedy gives us hope, and strength.

We are so happy that we have the Remedy to cling to in time of trouble. We encourage our friends at church to cling to the Remedy when they are facing a giant, something bigger than themselves, foreclose on a home, loss of a job, death of a loved one. We know, and can access the Remedy at any time, he lives in us.

My mom died of ALS...a slow life taker. She died a new death every day until she had nothing left of her body and all she could do was blink. Her mind worked perfectly but she was imprisoned by it. I would have given all I had everything I owned if the Doctor said....I have the cure for ALS. I would have given it to her first...THEN we would have both ran around to everyone we knew...people with and without ALS and told them of that cure. The cure that would make you walk again, talk again, LIVE again!! We would have shouted from the roof tops "We have the cure...We have the Remedy!!!"

Nothing would have stopped is too important...we would have gone until the whole world had heard....or would we?

We, Americans especially, we have THE REMEDY!! WE have JESUS CHRIST, THE REMEDY! We know he heals all of our diseases, cures all of our illnesses, comforts the poor, places the lonely in families. He is the Father to the fatherless, causes the blind to see and the lame to walk. He alone is The Remedy. Why don't we just keep Him to ourselves?

To suggest such a thing sounds like blasphemy right? Then why do we do it? Why is the American church sitting in pews...and not out shouting from the roof tops, "We have the cure...We have the Remedy?" Are we scared? Do we not want to count the cost? Are we afraid of becoming sick if we mingle with the diseased and dying world? Are we afraid, that The Remedy will cause us to sell all of our possessions in order to give to the poor, orphaned and widowed? Do we think that what we are doing now is working? If it doesn't affect us directly, do we care?

The song above said that "He is The Remedy." Then it said "Let us be the remedy!" We are to be the remedy...just as Peter and Paul, healed the lame, cast out demons, fed the hungry. We are the cure!! We have the resources!! We are the Remedy with Christ in us!!

What then do we do?? We start caring, and stop hoarding The Remedy. We take courage. We remember that we know the cure, WE HAVE THE REMEDY.

We remember we have The Remedy for world hunger (30,000 children will die today of hunger or preventable disease like diarrhea), we have The Remedy for the lost and dying. We have The Remedy for the lonely and fatherless. THEN... We stop spending our resources on our selves...more clothes, more food, more stuff...and we start spending it on the lost dying world, that is crying out for The Remedy! "You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted, you encourage them, and listen to their cry." Psalm 10:17. When we love the lost and poor, touch them, and feed them, we show them The Remedy is Christ. We can encourage them in death, disease, the loss of their home, and loss of a job. We can be The Remedy..The hands and feet of Christ!

We all have something in common with the world. We all would do anything to have the cure. We all want The Remedy to death and disease. We all would give everything, all we had to save our loved one.

Let us be The Remedy through Christ, The Remedy is us. Galations 2:19 - For it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives through me.


amyb777 said...

I am not afeared! ;)
This world is not our home. LORD please show us how can we be the remedy for others while we are visiting here!

Love you my sista!

ypypyp ... kja

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