Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three Days and Counting...

Okay, we have three days until we are on that big bird flying to Kenya...then Ethiopia. I can't tell you the mixed feelings I have about this. First of all..is this real? I mean we have waited so long (a year) and I can't believe in just a few weeks, I will hold in my arms the children that the Lord presented to me in a dream, for real! That just amazes me. God is amazing.

Secondly, I have done this before. The adoption of an older child..or children is so different from adopting a toddler. Part if it heart breaking, the other pure joy. The question our daughter of 11 years (at the time) got asked a lot was, "Are you excited?" I wanted to yell, "NO" of course she was not excited. To be taken from yet another home and find herself with strangers again...not to exciting. It is just about as exciting as it would be for me to be lost, by myself in a foreign country not knowing the language, or where to go. I think the thought of a mother and father is exciting in a way, but at the same time scary. However God is sovereign and He knows the plans He has for us...plans to prospers us and to give us hope and a future. I am nervous to meet them, yet ecstatic all at the same time. Pray that they will feel right at home.

Thirdly...I can't get my mind off Haiti. Call me crazy..but I find myself asking God to bring more kids into our house and we haven't even got our three home yet. I mean really what is a couple more. We have already decided, we are not saying no to God...so with that said, well you know...Yes! I would love to take in as many as the Lord allowed. I can't stand the thought of all these little children, so traumatized from a devastating earth quake, and not having parents, or worse yet, watching them die. What is my life for, if I am not about the work of my Father...if he says yes, then I say Amen!
We have only 3 days...3 days between us and Africa. Oh Lord, may they come quickly. We received new pictures of our sweet babies...I just knew I needed to share them with you.




LisaShaw said...

So glad I was able to come by today dear Sister. I'm praying with and for you and your amazing and growing family.

May every need and provision be provided in the LORD.

Blessings and favor upon you...

Rachelle said...

Don't forget I have stuff for you to take! Contact me.

amyb777 said...

Woohoo! You know all of our hearts and prayers will be with you friend! I am praying for the hearts of those children.

Love you girl,

praisinyahweh said...

You are going to Africa? Why didn't you tell me? Wow! What great news!
Congratulations and I will be praying for your trip ... and all that it entails.

Love ya!


PS Was just checking to see of you read your comments ... I'll be expecting you to tell me what a dork I am. :)

Tanya said...

will be praying for your trip! can't wait to see you with them HOME!

The Parsons Flock said...

oh my goodness!!! i am soooooo excited for you! many prayers for a safe trip!

and your kids are just beautiful!!!


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