Friday, July 2, 2010

Africa Bound...

Dear Faith Family,
There has been a lot going on in the last couple of weeks that I will attempt to explain in this email.

First, Cyrus has received his money for the purchase of a new car! He called from Nairobi and said that he was in the process of picking up his new 4x4! Praise God for His provisions! He is good. I also talked to Justin on the phone (the boy who was badly burnt). He is doing much better. He is still in need of medical attention, but is beginning to walk now.

Secondly, Tonya and her son Christopher, and Howard and Celest, are getting ready to leave for their missions. Tonya is moving to Gulu, Uganda and Howard and Celest to Indonesia! The both leave in within the next couple of weeks! Please pray for them as they embark on this journey that the Lord has placed them on.

Lastly, God has provided for Andrea to accompany Tonya & Christopher to Africa! They both leave on July 15 and Andrea will stay until July 26th. They will be spending time in Nukumba, and Andrea will visit Kisii, with Seggy and Cara, and hopefully Gulu where Tonya will eventually be living. Andrea will be taking supplies to the orphanage and is only allotted two 50 lb. bags. She will also be able to take extra things for those of you who have sponsored children, if you want to send a special something to your child.

There are many needs, so I will list them below. Please pray and ask the Lord how he would have you minister and give.

Prayer For:

1. Cyrus and the kids at the orphanage in Kenya. Pray for protection and needs to be met in Kenya, and for God’s glory to be made know in the nations. Pray that all the children are sponsored.

2. Howard and Celest leave for Indonesia on July 12th . They need prayer for their visas that are in transit so they can leave. Also, that the things they shipped ahead will actually make it to Indonesia. Please pray that they adjust to their surroundings and the culture around them. The weather is hot and humid, so pray for adjustment there as well. They know that the Lord has called them for such a time as this, please pray for the people they come in contact with, that the Lord would prepare a way to minister to them and ultimately change lives for Christ. Howard and Celest, will have a blog that we can follow while they are away.

3. Tonya leaves for Minnesota on July 11th. Pray for her as she spends time with her son Cory. Pray that the Lord will continue to settle her heart on matters, also for provision in Africa and safe travels. Pray for Christopher and Tonya as they adjust to their new surroundings and begin the ministry that the Lord has called them to. Pray that the Glory of the Lord will be spread in Uganda through the lives of Tonya and Christopher. Pray for financial support of them both and their ministry.

4. Pray for Andrea as she travels with Tonya to Uganda. Pray for her traveling in Africa to Kisii and Gulu. Pray that the Glory of the Lord be made known to everyone she comes in contact with. Pray for the her travel back home as she will be alone. Also pray for the money she needs while in country.

Financial Needs

1. Cyrus in still in need of about $800 for medical needs for Justin. He is required to make frequent trips to the hospital for care and needs medicine to treat infection and promote healing.

2. Tonya is in need of monthly support. She currently has no monthly support and continues to trust God in providing for her. We have been entrusted with caring for Tonya and her needs. Please pray and ask the Lord what you could sacrifice and give to support her monthly. This is a big undertaking BUT with Christ all of things are possible. We have figured that Tonya will need approximately $1,000 per month to support her and Christopher. This will help them with the needs of the ministry as well as their basic needs. Also, she needs a digital point and shoot camera, so she can take pictures and send us updates.

3. Andrea is still in need of a few things for Africa. She will need about $300 to cover the cost of visas in and out of Uganda and Kenya, the luggage charges, public transportation and food.

4. We need donations for the Orphanage. Clothes, jackets, peanut butter, educational stuff like flashcards, 20 piece puzzles, books on letters and goodies for the kids. Money for donations is always excepted.

These are our immediate needs. Thank you for your faithfulness and love and concern for the Mission, the Lord has called us to. You are all such a blessing to us. We only have less than two weeks to get these things together for our trips. If you have donations for the orphanage, please get them to the Thieles before July 13th. This sounds like a lot, but our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and He who has called us is faithful and He will do it!

One time or monthly donations to Tonya can be made to:

Remember the Poor
PO Box 1013
Lynden, Washington 98264
Or you can donate on line to:
Please write in the memo: Gulu,Tonya

We love you dearly and it is a blessing to partner with you in serving Christ locally and around the world.

Bryan and Andrea


The Roberts Family said...

Hey there! .... your comment on my blog wouldn't go through. It's acting strange. Great to hear from you! No, we're not adopting again, unfortunately. :) But we have a "son" at Kolfe that we met two years ago and that's who is referenced in the post. :) Blessings!!, Shelly

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