Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Step By Step part 3...

Meet my daughter Cailee (Natalia). She is a beautiful girl filled with love, talent, and wittiness. I adore this special gift from the Lord. She graced our lives almost 5 years ago this April. There are days that I forget she is adopted and that I didn't carry her for 9 months in my own womb. But I have carried her in my heart for some time. I pray that her testimony will bless you and be a witness of God's grace, mercy and love for all of His children. He is definitely the Father to the fatherless!

I was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia. When I was about three years old, my parents put me in an orphanage. I always thought that they would come back for me, but when I was about six I had to move to a different orphanage which was in St. Petersburg. I wondered as we left the first orphanage, "How is my mom going to find me now? Does she know that I am leaving?" I kept thinking that over and over. My cousin and my best friend were leaving with me also. That helped me a little, but when we got there my friend and I were separated from my cousin because we were older than him. I was so scared that all I could do is stick close to my friend. I was not sure how to fit in. Would this new place ever feel like home?

When I was about 8 1/2 years I was told that there was a family who wanted to adopt me. I was so glad to hear that a family wanted me. I couldn't wait, but first I had to go visit them for a week or two in America so that they could get to know me. The time came for me and the other kids to leave to America. When we got to the airport, we had to go into this big room where there were a lot of families waiting for us. They would call out the families name and then call out a kids name, that would determine what family we went home with. This is when I met my family who had three kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. If they adopted me, I would be the second oldest in this family.

When we got to their house, I loved it! It was really big to me, but I got used to it really fast. The week went by fast and soon it was time for me to leave back to Russia. When I got back to the orphanage I couldn't wait to know if I was going to be adopted by this family or not. A year went by by before I heard that I was getting adopted! I was really happy that I got a family of my own.

The Family traveled to Russia to pick me up and then we traveled to America. The fist night I slept in my house, I woke up really early and I couldn't fall back to sleep. I took the blanket that I was given to me by my Nana and I went into the family room and sat. Looking around I thought, "Is this my forever home, or are they going to give me away like my first mom did?"

A couple of months later my family decided to adopt a new girl from Russia and from the same orphanage. After that we moved to a different state in America. That is when we started to have a lot of problems. I wouldn't do what I was told or I would do it but in a bad way. If I would fool around and play rough with somebody not meaning to hurt them I would be sent to my room. I would not want to be in there so I would yell and kick and throw a fit. Also, I would be sent to bed early even if I didn't misbehave. This was a hard time in my life. One day I was sitting on my bed watching the kids play outside having fun. I was wondering if there was this God, why would He put me in this family if I didn't fit in at all?

One summer we went to visit my adopted grandparents half way across the USA. This particular afternoon, my parents had arranged for us to go to the park. We met this family who had 4 kids. The oldest girl was named Coral and she was the same age as me, but I was two months older. That day at the park, I took Coral's hand and I started running and saying, "Let's go and play!" I was so excited! That was also the night of my first sleep over!

I stayed with Coral and her family for the whole week. When it was time for me to leave, we met my parents at a park. Coral and I played while the her parents and my parents talked. Then they called me over and wanted to talk to me. It took them awhile but then they told me that this family was going to adopt me. I started crying. I don't remember if I was happy or sad, but i think that it was both. They gave me a card and a CD by Rich Mullins, my favorite song, "Step by Step." That night I said good-bye to my second family and hello to my third family, the Thiele's. Even though I didn't fully understand then, I now know and can see how God used my second family to bring me to my forever family.

One night when we were praying in my new parents room, I was looking around the family thinking, "I want the joy, happiness and especially the Jesus that they have." When we were done praying I looked up at my dad and I asked him, "How can I ask Jesus into my heart?" He said, "It is easy, you just need to believe and pray and ask Him." When dad prayed I repeated it after him. Every day I learned and am still learning something new about our amazing Heavenly Father.

Every day I think about my other two families. I used to wonder if the Thiele's would give me up too. But now I know, this is my "Forever Family"! No matter what happened in my past or what will happen in the future, they will always love me. And my Father in Heaven loves me and cares for me. I know that He does because he gave me my forever family. Every day I wake up and see His work in my life and am thankful. I can't wait to see what he has for me in the future!

By Cailee

(Cailee Natalia and Coral)


Callie Denny said...

Beautiful story! Once again I am left in tears. Your story reminds me that God does lead us one step at a time! I love you!!

Kelline said...

I once heard someone say, "adopted children are special because they were chosen." You are a blessed young woman to have come to a family that has so much love in their hearts. And always, our heavenly Father knows better than we what is best for us. He will always take good care of you. God bless you.

It all began here said...

I just came across your blog. I was touched by your sweet daughter's testimony and love for her father in heaven.

Thank You for sharing.


David B. Beaver said...

God bless you for your heart, my mother is also the mother of many adopted children in fact. Many blessings to you,

jennifer anderson said...

Good deal sweet pea! you go girl!

Lori said...

I stumbled onto your blog simply by randomly hitting the "next blog" button. I very rarely do that, but today I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of your blog and your heart. Thank you for sharing your life and testimony with this stranger! You really blessed me today!

ashleyclarke44 said...

I love reading your blog, I have re-read your blog time and time again and I hope everything is okay with you, haven't seen a new post in a while!

Breathe Deep said...

Amazing Blog! You have a beautiful family and I'm blessed to have seen Gods great miracles through your Blog. God Bless you and yours always.

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