Friday, July 6, 2012

I am Alive...


I am alive!!! The truth...this traveling, homeschooling mama of 9 has just gotten BUSY!! I have been in Africa, started planning another trip, started 2 of my kids in college, 1 in high school, 1 in cosmetology school, got two kids with their drivers licenses and all of this within the past 2 months!!! If you want a sneak peek into our Africa trip visit  there are a few updated stories on our blog there.

Thank you for your sweet comments, I will posting the next adoption story soon :) I can't wait to share all that the Lord has been doing in our lives.




Cindy said...

W.H.A.T.???!!! "The next adoption story"? What's going on? Am I left out in the dark? You'd better email me soon!!!! xoxo

Kelline said...

I prayed about that Africa trip. Last time I heard from you, you and hubby were trying to raise the money for the trip. It looks like God has used you again and as always, there's somebody getting blessed through the work you do. I know that you don't seek recognition for yourself or a pat on the back, but it's hard not to see your obedience and acknowledge it. I'm looking forward to the new stories coming out and welcome home.

covnitkepr1 said... have been busy.
I’ve been a follower on your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.
Just checking back for any new posts you may have written.

covnitkepr1 said...

Wait...hold the phone....back the truck indicators were are following me already.

Vivian said...

Hi, Andrea! I was so happy when John reported back that he had bumped into you at a church he was visiting. I loved finding this blog of yours as well and seeing all your beautiful children! John said your daughter has a beautiful voice as well! Love, Vivian

Jack Blackburn said...

i love that kid.looking beautiful.

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