Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goodness, Faithfulness, Love ...

Yesterday we went to the Embassy and we are OFFICIAL!!! Praise the Lord. The kids were so excited to get the paperwork done, everyone started clapping and then hugged and kissed eachother. Even Abdissa was so excited. What a blessing to be there all together and praise God all together! I will try to answer questions that are being asked then best I can. Are the children nervous? Yes a little bit, but with each passing day they get better. We asked Eyob if he was scared to leave his brother and he said, "no, God will protect him." The faith of a child. Yesterday we took Meskerem to get her hair done and she looked a little sad, however she didn't say that she was. I know that there will be an adjustment for all fo them, day by day...but God is good and he is faithful. They are excited to fly and get home to meet the rest of the kids and extended family and friends. How are we adjusting to all of us? Great...they are so loving and touchy just like us. The kids have been great all together, Levi and Jessie's kids have played well with all of us. There is a bike here and all of them have been trying to ride it, they have never been on a bike but they are determined. What is the food like? YUMMY....I love it. I have not been sick once, neither has anyone else...God's Grace. We have eaten almost everything and have had NO problems. I even use the sink water.... There are a lot of firsts for everyone still, but this morning when I got Meskerem dressed..she was so excited and said, "Mom, the clothes are beautiful, thank you!" Tonight we go to a farewell party and then to a cultural dinner with dancing and food from all the different cultures in Ethiopia. We are so grateful for Levi and Jessie and how they opened their home to us. They are amazing people of God and have extended such love to us..and of course we just click! Love how the Lord knows we don't every have to worrry (that is specifically for me). Coral is going to get her hair done here, you can get braids for about $10 here, so it is a steal of a deal. We can't wait to get home and see all of you. We are praying for all of you and love you dearly. Blessings until tonight!!!!


Tara said...

Love you and can't wait till you and the kids get home!!!! Hope you stay safe on your trip home!


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