Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 13

It is not easy to proclaim the gospel in the Lyon area; there is a real spiritual battle as the city follows French national trends. The majority of Muslims in the Lyon area come from North African countries and some have lived in Lyon for several generations. There is a growing lack of respect from the younger population not only toward their elders but also toward their own religion, though in public they often defend it loudly. Many young Muslims in the area have also been influenced by a South African preacher named Ahmed Deedat, who for many years has poisoned their minds against the Bible through his video teachings. (He has since then died).
Many former Muslims in France say they came to faith through the steady witness of French Christian friends. Among the 150,000 Muslims in the Lyon area, there are nearly 50 Christians from a Muslim background.
We can PRAY:
*Pray for a spiritual breakthrough in Lyon among the Muslims and the French people.
*Pray for workers to be culturally sensitive and determined in the face of oppositions as they work among Muslim young people.
*Christians working among Muslims in France often need to address occult influences in the lives of Muslims as well as resentment over racism and prejudice from portions of the French population. As God to equip His servants to deal with these challenges.


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