Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 6

The Balkars are a Turkic people who live in the central Caucasus region of Southern Russia. Over time the Balkars have become culturally similar to their Caucasian neighbors, but they have faithfully retained there Turkic language.

In the 13th century, the Balkar area was overrun by Gengihis Khan's mongols, and they fought at the side of the King of Georgia to whose kingdom they belonged. The Balkars later joined the Turko-Mongolian hordes of Genghis Khan. The Mongols, however, played the Balkars against the other peoples and brought their land into civil war.

The Balkar rely on livestock breeding and farming for their livelihood. Mountain goats, sheep, and cattle are among the animals raised. Meat is an important part of their diet, and they regularly eat beef, mutton, goat, and horse meat.

The Balkar live in villages located on the mountain slopes or in other areas not suitable for farming. Each village has a courtyard and some have Islamic mosques. Medieval towers and fortresses have been preserved and can still be seen in some of the villages. A village is usually made up of one or more clans. Each clan shows great respect for its elders and has its own cemetery.

The Balkar have portions of the Bible in their language. These precious people need Christian broadcasts and other resources made available to them. Above all, they need Christians who will intercede to the Father on their behalf.

We can Pray:
*Pray for peace in the entire region,
*Pray for God's protection and blessing on the small number of Christians among the Balkars.
*Pray for reconciliation between Russians and the Caucasus peoples.
*Pray for God's hope and light to shine on the Balkars and Karachay.

Information taken from 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus, Frontiers Edition and Operation World


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