Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 14

The Singapore Malay constitute fifteen percent of Singapore's multi-racial population. They are widely dispersed all over the country of Singapore. They immigrated centuries ago, mostly coming from Peninsular Malaysia and parts of the Indonesian archipelago such as Java and Sumatra. Despite being the first inhabitants of the country, they are not the largest group due to the arrival of Chinese and Indian immigrants in later years. The Singapore Malay speak Bahasa Malaysia which is considered one of the major languages of Singapore.

The Singapore Malay culture is a combination of the culture of Malaysia and Indonesia. Intermarriage is allowed as long as both share the same religion. Most common intermarriages are between Malay and the Mamak.

In recent years in Singapore many have had economic hardship but among the hardest hit have been the Malay people. The Singapore Malay have often been in the majority of those unemployed. Pray that more believers would help their fellow Singaporean Malay who are struggling economically and find creative ways to bless them.

We can PRAY:
*Pray that the Good News could help mend some of the broken hearts and families of the Singapore Malay.


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