Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 26

Meerut's former name literally translates as "City of Demons", and it is still know as a hotspot because of its long history of conflict. The city gained international prominence in 1857 as the starting point for the Indian mutiny against British rule. The area was again in the headlines in 1987 when some of the most deadly riots in India's history occurred between Meerut's Hindus and Muslims.
Despite the hostile environment in the city, God continues to work. Many Muslims have had dreams where Jesus appeared to them. Other people and coming to Christ through answered prayers and direct witness. One of the greatest needs is for Indian Christian workers to build relationships with Muslims, pray for their felt needs, explain the dreams in which Jesus appeared to them and proclaim the Gospel.
One former Muslim from Meerut explained hew he became a believer. Jesus appeared to him in a dream carrying a cross on His shoulder. He told the man,"I suffered this for you." The man had the same dream two more times during the next few years before believing in Christ. When he told his parents about the about his decision, his father drew a gun and tried to shoot him. the son quickly dodged and was wounded in the shoulder. Fleeing from his parents home he found a pastor who cared for him. The young man received training and now travels throughout north India, teaching Muslim-background believers how to reach Muslims for Christ.
We can Pray:
*Pray against the hostility and fear in Meerut. Muslims who are seeking Christ, Christians and some missionaries are equally inhibited from speaking about Jesus because of persecution.
*Pray that God will continue to speak to Muslims through dreams and meet the needs of Muslims in Meerut in supernatural ways.
*Pray for Muslims in Meerut to accept Christ and then be used to reach their own people.


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