Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 25

First I want to say, I am really behind and I apologize for that. For the sake of time, I will skip ahead to Day 25 and not fill the in between. Don't you just love the pictures of the peoples? This is one of my favorite people groups to look at. The are so beautiful.

The Gujjar tribe is scattered across the mountains and foothills of Pakistan and north India. Life there is beset with difficulties including poverty, illiteracy, lack of medical facilities, and dis empowerment. Traditionally, the Gujjar are nomadic herdsmen, looking after sheep, goats and water buffalo, though over the centuries some have taken up a sedentary, agricultural lifestyle. Others have given up migrating to pursue a better life in town with salaried employment and access to education and health care.
The Gujjar lifestyle has been disturbed by 15 years of militancy in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The mountain heights are no longer considered safe, and this has caused many Gujjars to give up migrating altogether. Other areas have been overgrazed, so that the migration routes no longer support the animal herds.
As the Gujjars move from a traditional lifestyle to a modern one, their culture is experiencing rapid change. Family relationships are struggling to adjust to a new social environment and traditional clothes are being replaced by modern ones.
The past 15 years have been turbulent times for the Gujjar people, and an assortment of external pressures has led to an increased receptivity among the younger generations. many young Gujjars have begun to question the worldview, religious beliefs and practices of their elders. They are looking for real spiritual answers.
We can PRAY:
*Pray that the Lord will send additional workers to the Gujjar.
*At present there is no Gujjar Bible, but a translation is in process. Pray that Gujjars of all dialects will be able to understand it. Pray also for audio/oral Bibles in the Gujjar language, as most are illiterate.
*Pray for the fellowship and spiritual growth of the few Gujjar believers as they organize themselves into fellowships.


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