Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meet Ying

This is our little C's newest friend. She took one look at Ying and said "Oh mom, China"! How would she know that?? These are our friends and they are currently in China with their newest member, Ying. She is so....cute, wouldn't you agree?? Please keep them in your prayers as they will need every one. I can't help but to imagine what Ying must feel. I am sure she is excited and scared as she leaves everything she has ever known. I have their link on my blog.
I have such a heart for adoption, I think that it is the most wonderful thing. God talks about us being adopted sons and daughters of his. In James, he talks about caring for widows and orphans. Even if we are not "called" to adopt our selves, we most certainly pray for those who are fatherless and motherless. Below, is a poem that the Lord gave me one night about adoption. I just love that God sees.
When God Sees

When God sees,
It is not a mere glimpse but etched detail,
It is the canvas of His mind.

When God sees,
He looks through kaleidoscope glasses, at a watercolor picturesque
He pays no attention to the characterization of dye, He sees variety
and shades,
fading into one glorious design.

When God sees,
He smiles and then sometimes weeps at His creation,
Longing for the nations, to see Him.
When God sees,
He leads us to His understanding, when God sees, He wills.

When God sees,
He looks upon His beauty, the hopeful hearts of expectant parents,
The soft skin of an infant child, needing, wanting, waiting,
For the one God will send to love them.

When God sees,
He loves and He listens. Hearing the desperate plea of a world longing,
Helpless cries of a newborn baby,
And a mourning mother, planning her escape,
Overwhelmed with her loss,
But never escaping,
When God sees,
He knows.

When God sees,
He laughs. His Holy face glowing in His radiance, eyes dancing,
Full and proud of His child, so blessed, so touched.

When God sees,
He waits for His saints to march into action,
Filled with confidence, filled with fear
Wait…I found the courage,
Because He sees.

When God sees,
His grace extends and encompasses an array of mercies,
Like the sun rising to warm the earth.
When God sees,
He perfects, comforts and completes.

When God sees,
He says; Let the little children come to me,
When God sees,
He sees me.



God's Girl said...

Wow! Beautiful poem! God has gifted you! This is really awesome!

Love you,


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