Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please Pray for Blaise

Please add Blaise to your prayer list. We met Blaise when she was just a baby at Phoenix Children's Hospital,almost 4 years ago. Chloe and Blaisey were room mates for almost 2 weeks. Since then Blaise has fought a rare syndrome that affects her lymph system, and makes for a painful life. Doctor visit after doctor visit, Blaise, Lisa (mom) and Pat (dad) and Blaisey's brothers still hope and wait on God. There are no children that have survived with this disorder so there is not much study or data to go on.
Currently Blaisey's lungs are filling with fluid. Blaise is extremely uncomfortable, and is need of healing and relief. Her mom and dad need prayer too, as they are tired and worried, to put it in Lisa's words, begging for a miracle.
Please pray for my friends, that God would heal and give strength to the weary.
We love you Blaisey!!!


God's Girl said...

Oh... my heart aches for them. Lord, I pray for this precious little girl and her family! Would You bring comfort to them and pour Your love on them? Thank You, God, that You know all things and You never leave us or forsake us. Amen.

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